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The basics..

name: Jordan Bennett
age: 15
# of siblings: 1
name of sibling[s]: Duane
Fav color: Red
Fav thing: Kat's smile..
really?: ..yes...why?
i dont know..: okay.
scottiedoesntknow: wtf are you--
nvm: ugh.
best friend: Scott.
cat/dog name: Cuddles
wtf do i look like?
bod. build: "lean" (i have a 6 pack, bizzatch!) and im skinny
hair style: i used to have those wings that skaters have, now i just have it spiked
hair color: dark brown with faint streaks
face shape: thin
height: 5'7''
weight: idk...like...118..?
face: um..canadian skater face..?
shirts: fox racing..quicksilver..idk, anything
pants: volcom! and others.
shoes: dont get me started
hoodies?: yah
piercings?: my left ear.
voice: idk, kat loves it tho..
athletic: you bet your ass i am!
Chatter away!
how TRUE..
let's see:
your name
do you smoke?
do you drink?
stronger drugs?
your favourite activity
you are Lazy
you wish you were Nostradamus
you hope To achieve something in this life
people think you are Nice
intelligent people though, think you are Trashy
but, really, you're just Quite lost
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Haha, did you know Kathy Larson stuck random shit up her ass O_o?
Tuesday. 8.29.06 7:15 pm

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Wednesday. 2.16.05 5:04 pm
Haven't blogged for a long-ass time.

Got new pictures in the gallery, check 'em out.

New layout...new everything. awesome GIFs.

.Love her.

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Friday. 1.28.05 10:49 am
jordan is a radioactive squirrel!!

From Go-Quiz.com

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Look at this ghetto shyt. =P
Monday. 1.24.05 5:42 pm

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Tuesday. 12.21.04 4:47 pm
wow..things have gotten confusing..and my msn crapped out on me. pure joy!

i havent talked for a while because there isnt much to say, and no one really says anything anyway.

hm..so whats with that gay lesbian stuff? is it something "..new.."? or is it just one of those things that was made to turn guys on just for the hell of it? oh well, im not complainin' =P

duane moved away, and im listening to "yeah" by usher. why am i listening to usher you may ask...well its because he's so sexy. hah, whatever, im jk. i dont swing that way my friends. plus, i have a girlfriend. sadly, she isnt usher. hahaha, i kidd, i kidd...

i need to get my cam back. holidays are gonna be interestin...nothing to do. alone. hm..snow.

grande cache is falling apart..wow.

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what the...
Friday. 12.3.04 5:00 pm
kat..you dont want to be my friend anymore...? what happened..? it was all fun and games...you know that none of this is for real! Don't you think that this is a little extreme..? ...dont you..? Even you thought it was pretty fun...there wasnt anything serious about it...and i know you didnt think it was. so what happened..? i didnt really know what to think..i was sad and confused at the same time..it was basically..:

You: *walks slowly towards me with your head down..*
Me: are you okay...?
You: ....
Me: hello..?
You: ...no...i..
Me: ..yes..?
You: *looks up with REALLY watery eyes*
Me: omg what happened to you??
You: ...i dont think we should be friends anymore...
Me: what..? why?!
You: it's too much trouble being friends...and remember how we pretended to go out..?
Me: yeah..what about it?
You: We should just stop it. I thought it was fun..but other people cant take a joke..
Me: like who..?
You: it doesnt matter...*walks away..*

I'm sorry you feel this way....but i still want to be your friend. But i understand that you might want some alone time...and i respect that. so you can talk to me whenever you're ready, and im not forcing you to. I hope you change your mind about not being friends anymore...I promise that we wont play around anymore if thats what you want..! i just dont want you to go away...you're way too nice.


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